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What options are there for methods of delivery?
Any of our 100+ essays & papers on Sigmund Freud can be sent via your choice of email, fax, or Federal Express! Selecting delivery via email enables you to receive one copy as "plain" ordinary text in the body of a typical email message and a second copy as a generic file attachment -viewable with almost any common word processor (i.e., Word, Works, etc;). Even if you cannot view attachments, you WILL DEFINITELY be able to view the text version of our paper which appears just as any piece of email does! And if you need us to re-send our paper to you, just write to us and let us know -- operators respond to queries 24 hours a day!

Are these papers on Sigmund Freud available in any languages other than English? 
Yes! Si ! Oui! While all of our papers on Freud were originally written in English, you can have them translated into rough Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, or German -- just by clicking the "translate" option on our order form! Even if you choose to order a second language copy of the paper you find, we'll still send you a backup of the original in English since our translations are not perfect...

What are the company's refund & copyright policies?
The Paper Store's SigFreud.Com maintains a no refund policy on all orders. Since information is not a tangible, material item, it simply cannot be returned. To ensure your satisfaction, however, SigFreud.Com lets customers request free, one page excerpts from any of our reports before ordering. Those purchasing customized assistance can request revisions of our work at no additional charge if, for any reason, it fails to adequately adhere to any instructions provided at the time of order. Customers who purchase our work are responsible not only for creating their OWN, original essays -- but for citing The Paper Store as a source when doing so. Failure to correctly attribute the company constitutes plagiarism- a serious offense. Students who are unsure about proper citation methods should email us for assistance and/or check with their instructors before placing an order at this site....


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